Thursday, March 15, 2012

Top health articles 15/3/12

Why female choose well nourished male - Why women prefer guys with health

How Do You Not Weigh 500 Pounds?  <<I love these tips for eating what you love and not gaining weight, and use them all myself.

Is Fructose Being Blamed Unfairly for Obesity Epidemic? <<Sure we love to demonizehigh-fructose corn syrup, but fructose alone is not our biggest problem. (ScienceDaily)

Is Sugar Fattening? <<And just in case you’re suspicious of the last article, here’s all the gory details of why sugar isn’t good but also may not be as bad as everyone says. (Whole Health Source)

Health care professionals, Twitter, and the Abuse of Public Trust <<Do you believe health advice from people just because they have an MD? Would it surprise you to hear most doctors have less than 2 hours of nutrition training and no background in analyzing scientific data? (Weighty Matters)

How Exercise Fuels the Brain <<A really cool mechanism was uncovered of howexercise actually improves cognitive ability. (New York Times)

You Can Gain Weight Eating Fruits and Vegetables  << I feel it specially applies to fruits

Overeating May Double Risk of Memory Loss <<Too many calories is bad for your healthin many ways, including your memory as well, according to a new study. (ScienceDaily)

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