Friday, September 30, 2011

Eating Notes from Rujuta Diwekar

Notes from Rujuta for fitness

1. Step one (S1) for that patli kamar or flat Abs -Make friends with hunger. Hunger is a sign of health, loss of it, a sign of disease.

Summer - Coconut Water
Beat the heat - start your day with 1tsp of gulkand:)

Woke up hungry? U got the S1 right. Woke up dull and can't bring urself to eat anything? Work at stoking the fire in ur stomach.

2. dietary fat helps to burn body fat. Lack of good fats in the diet leads to stubborn fat areas in the body.

3. Include carbs for dinner. The fibre ensures a clean bowel movement the next morning, the B vitamins in it give you that sense of calm..

4. Rest & Rejuvenate - are the two most over looked aspects of keeping fit and healthy. Restful sleep ensures hormonal harmony which ups the resting metabolic rate (fat burning ability). Also try taking a break every 3 months.

5. make exercise an integral part of your life irrespective of your size. If you are sure that you have a human body - go workout! if you have a human body - exercise! Movement is the most integral part of human exercise. Go move! Workout!

6. If you are napping for more than 20 mins post lunch OR feel drowsy for over 1 hour post lunch - problem! PROBLEM!!So some of the things that could lead to drowsy/sleepy feeling - eating too much too soon OR food with almost fibre OR lack of essential fat.All of which can make the insulin insensitive. Light and lively is what you should feel post a meal n not dull and drowsy.

Tip: Woke up tired and fatigued or felt restless at night? Up your calcium intake. Calcium citrate at bedtime works wonders:)

Tip2: No protein shake after workouts = no results!

Tip 3: Cardio before weight training is such a waste of body's fuels

Tip 4: Feel dull in the mornings? Kick the caffeine and start a multivitamin. Good morning:)

Tip 5: Sunday - the day to cheat on your diet. Sugar craving? 11am & 4pm - the magical timings where the stomach forgives..

Tip 6: A stomach which is not full to the brim is better than the one which is overflowing.. Aim for a 'zero leftover balance'

Tip 7: Weight training is the most overlooked exercise for heart health. For a strong myocardium (heart) pump some iron sweeties:)

Tip 8: Lemon grass' will make it possible for you to enjoy those 2 cups of chai without the slightest increase in acidity during summer :-)

Tip 9: Waking up bloated every morning? Eat your dinner atleast 2 hrs beofre you sleep and have a calcium citrate supplement (1000mg) at bedtime

Tip 10: Muscles break down in the gym and grow strong when you are resting or slepping.

Tip 11 : To cope up with summer - take a vit B + vit C supplement before you leave home

Tip 12: Dahi, sprouts, Idli, Buttermilk, Cheese, Paneer - to improve your B12 levels and moods;)

Tip 13: Peanuts anytime in the day and walnuts in the morning - boost your brain and mood with the regular dose of essential omega 3 fatty acids


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  2. I would like to introduce myself as a girl who left homw at 16 to study engineering far away from my hometown to pune. I had Zero experience of cooking and all i could anage to make was a cup of tea and maggi. I was a plump girl who was stuck to her books as i wanted to do 'score' good marks. During college i lost a lot of weight as we would walk a lot to catch buses, lectures etc. I sarted loosing weight but unhealthly. I would eat just twice a day and whole day i was running, drinking tea etc. Initially i was very happy as i was loosing weight but in my third year my lifestyle took a toll on my health. I was down with jaundice, acidity etc. I had to miss classes and go back home for 2 months. Anyhow i managed to complete engineering, got a job and then the actual cycle of gaining weight began...i had long working hours, couldnt cook well, though managed with dal and rice, no breakfast and no exercise. I suffered from hormonal imbalance, my prolactin was 54 which doctor said was thrice than normal. I gained 12 kgs in 2 months and looked like a baby elephant again. I joined gym, tried all fads..just fruits for lunch, no lunch, no dinner, nimbu honey, i again felt week and hormones further cursed me. It was at that time i read ur book. I tried all u said in ur first book slowly and improved. I started losing weight, gaining strength, understood the meaning of local diet, learned to cook from internet, my mother, my colleagues. Learned kashmiri, punjabi, maharashtrian, kokani, south indian dishes just to improve my health and to include local, seasonal food into my diet. Today i know what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat. I m stronger mentally and physically though i have to be more emotionally :). I make kokum sherbat, aam panna, khus sherbat in summers which my family back in jammu hasnt even heard of. I deink haldi doodh with kaju and add gulkand in summer to it. Thanks rujuta for guiding. One humble request, plz organise your open days in small towns like jammu jalander amritsar ludiana lucknow etc too. Belive me ppl in these cities are losing their eating habits watching ads on TV and unhealthy diets. Now instead of paratha pizza is for breakfast and they think its cool...thanks from one of your silent followers. Your words make an impact on young women like me..