Thursday, October 6, 2011

Food walk - Delicacies and delights of Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk was once the grandest of the markets in India. originally meaning moonlit square or market, is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Old Delhi, now in central north DelhiIndia. Built in 17th century by Shah Jahan and designed by his daughter Jahan Ara, the market was once divided by canals to reflect moonlight, now closed, yet it still remains one of Asia's largest whole sale markets. Chandni Chowk is home to several famous restaurants / confectioners (halwais) and it can be very intimidating to find the best shop for food lovers when the place is bustling with so many amazing places. 

I am going to walk you along from Chandni Chowk Metro station to the end of Fatehpuri (Walking on the left of the street) and back to the Metro Station (Right of the street). , in order the shops are located and what are the best things you can try there. I won't be mentioning anything about Haldiram and Bikanerwala as they have branch all over the country and products can be tried anywhere. I am only going to be concerned about unique taste and food that can only be found in Chandni Chowk and nowhere else. 

Jalebiwala is the only shop that I enjoyed on the left of the station. The shop was established around 1890. Jalebi is local delicacy which are fried in pure ghee (clarified butter).


All the shops listed below are located on the right side of Chandni Chowk Metro Station. 

The Ghantewala Halwai in Chandni Chowk in Delhi, established in 1790 CE is one of the oldest halwais (traditional sweet shop) in India. 
Check out Sohan Halwa, Motichoor ladoos and Pista burfi.

Ghantewala Ghewar

Ghantewala Packing

Sohan Halwa

Gali Paranthe Wali is the name of a narrow street in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi, India, noted for its series of shops selling paratha, a fried Indian bread, and now a popular culinary destination. The place opened somewhere in 1870s. The food is old fashioned, "strictly" vegetarian, and cooked dishes do not include onion or garlic, since the owners are brahmins, and traditionally their clientele has included Jains in the neighborhood. Varieties include exotic fillings like Kaju (cashew nuts), Badam (Almonds), Matar (Peas), Mix Paranthas, rabri parantha, etc.The parantha is usually served with sweet tamarind chutney, mint chutney, mixed vegetable pickle, paneer (Cottage Cheese) and potato curry, potato and fenugreek curry, and a sauteed mash of Custard Apple (sitaphal).

Pt. Vedprakash Lemonwale serves spiced lemonade that are worth trying out if you wish to beat the heat.

When you reach the dead end of the street. Adjacent to Fatehpuri Mosque, you will spot another excellent Halwai - Chainaram established in 1901. This confectionery is a mithailover's paradise. Cooked in pure ghee, they all are in high demand. The most famous of them all is Karachi Halwa that hardly anyone does anymore. Other popular items are Sewa Pak, Moti Pak, Doda, Pinni, Laddoo Besan, Patissa, Sohan Halwa, Balu Shahi and Kaju Burfi. Chaina Ram has a whole range of namkeen too: Kaju, VIP Navratan Mixture, Special Navratan Mixture, Dalmot, Aloo ka Lachchha and Moong ki Dal. There's also Puri Chhole for breakfast. The place for those who have a craving for something sweet! . The shop was recently awarded best confectionery of 2010 and 2011 by Times Food. They provide excellent Snacks and amazing delicate sweets. 

Paneer Pakora
Malai Ghewar
Frying hot samosas in Rain
Chaina Ram Packing box with the award photo.
Karachi Halwa

Gianiji ka Falooda famous for Rabri Falooda, established around 1947. I haven't tasted stronger thick shakes anywhere in India. There are various branches of Gianiji all over the Delhi but the taste at the original shop surpasses way beyond anything you have ever tried. 

Famous Rabri Falooda

Gianiji filling the glasses
Rose Milk Shake

Mango Milkshake

Just adjacent to Gianiji is Kake di Hatti. I can bet you to try eating 2 Stuffed parathas/ Naan. It is one of the most difficult thing to do because of the sheer size of the Naan.

Making of Stuffed Paratha

Famous Stuffed Naan

There are couple of Whole Sale Dry Fruits Shops for people to try.

On the return, Right side of the street, I liked only one shop - Nataraj Dahi ke Bhalle


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