Saturday, October 8, 2011

Food walk - Time at Khan Market

Khan Market may look very unimpressive to first time passer, but when you start climbing those narrow stairs, you figure different world of delicacies. I believe this guide isn't complete as I don't have all the pictures and honestly I haven't visited every single restaurant the market has to offer. However, from those I have visited, I will provide most honest review.

If you want to get a SPA day in Delhi, Khan market has THE place name Aura. It has just recently opened up and provides one of the most authentic Thai spa experience. For now they only cash and most massages would cost you Rs 1000 plus.

Khan Market has a wide variety of stores, including modern showrooms of most of well known brands like NikeReebokBenetton, Goodearth and others. Delicatessens, bookstores,paints and hardware stores, electronics, kitchenware, and fabric stores mingle with some of the better restaurants in the city. Some of the stores and eating joints include FabIndiaRaj stores, Anokhi,Sanjiv Mehra's Allied Stores, Cooptex, Gift Palace (for toys, games and theme parties), Aamayo, The Kitchen, Market Cafe, Cafe Turtle, Albake, Big Chill, Cafe Zaffiro, Barista, McDonalds, Subway, Kriti Creations , and a general store, national cloth house and Khadi Gramudyog. It is also famous for food including kebabs from Salim's Kebabs, Khan Chacha's Kebab's and momos opposite Lok Nayak Bhavan, which houses several government offices. 

This blog is about original vegetarian FOOD not about high end fast food joints.  

Khan Chacha
If you see people flocking in Khan Market's middle lane, dont take too long to realize that Khan Chachas Kabab Corner is nearby. Of the wide gamut of eatbles offered by Chacha the soft and juicy Paneer Tikka Rolls are on everyone's wishlist.


Salim Chacha
Salim chacha is kebab cousin of Khan Chacha. It isn't as famous as Khan's but food quality is none the less. Ofcourse Salim is much cheaper than Khan Chacha. 
Big Chill Cafe
Big chill cafe has to be one of the highlights of Khan Market. It is so good that they had to open 2 stores in same avenue.  You will be fortunate if you get a table without a long wait.Big Chill serves fast food and for dieters and fit food lovers, this place  would show you how you can eat tasty yet healthy food. Ofcourse they serve unhealthy type but should that stop you from fantastic food?

Garlic Bread, Banoffee and Mango Frozen Yogurt
BoomBox Cafe
Boombox cafe is very similar to Big chill with Alcohol and Sheesha and ofcourse much bigger place. They have completely different variety of flavors for sheesha. For those sheesha lovers who are bored of old flavors and want to try new ones, Boombox cafe is the place in Delhi. It is located just a street behind Khan Chacha on first floor and is much bigger than Big Chill and Khan Chacha. I couldn't shoot whole place but I can sure provide a preview.

Dark White Chocolate Shake

 Momos opposite Lok Nayak Bhavan

It is one of the best Asian restaurant I have been to with fantastic ambiance. There is a reason this place has been awarded 2011 Times food award for best Asian food. 

Sponge Cake

Pokchoi + bamboo shoots + Cashew

Cafe Turtle
Cafe Turtle is another winded restaurant that is located on second floor. The cafe sits right on top of a very good book store. Cafe serves juice mixes, amazing cakes and decent fast food.  

Carrot cake (Made from Jaggery)

Caramel Date and Walnut Cake

There is Delicatessens which I couldn't find either.  I still haven't visited Cafe OZ. Aap ki Khatir is closed and Mrs Kaur's crepes was off for renovation when I visited. But from what I have heard, they provide excellent waffles, desserts and crepes.

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