Thursday, December 29, 2011

Indian Street food nutritional value - May surprise you

Next time you feel guilty eating out on the streets, spare a thought for these overlooked benefits of the yummy street foods.

Nutrient value
India  needs it because


Potassium, fibre and phytonutrients to help body thermo regulate or to keep body cool in warm climate

High stress jobs increase sugar cravings makes you prone to obesity. Potassium keeps the blood pressure down and the Vit B in it helps you stay calm in panic situations and reduces sugar craving.

Peru or gauva

Super source of Vit C and antioxidants, rich in fibre and immune booster

Vit C and antioxidants prevent sun tanning and keep the skin supple and glowing. The immune boosters are required as Mumbai is a high stress and polluted city

Bhel puri/ sev puri chaat family

Dates, pudina, kala namak that are integral to chaat items are good sources of potassium, iron and minerals like selenium, zinc etc. The combinations help maintain electrolyte balance.

Most chaat items because of the micro nutrients present in them provide a laxative effect on the system. And there are a lot of constipated mumbaikars

Wada Pav

Complete meal of carbs, protein, fat and contains good profile of amino acids

The besan used has the ability to lower cholesterol and so does the lasoon chutney.

Pav bhaji

Has combination of veggies, butter and bread with a dash of nimbu. Almost unbeatable in taste.

This is one meal that nourishes the tired mumbaikars soul and puts zest back into a monotonous life, that’s exactly what the spices do, they “spice up” a dull day.

Meetha pan or magai

Beetel leaf have analgesic and diuretic properties

Aphrodisiac, if you are too tired for action know what you must chew on

Bhurji & bread

Protein and Vit D

The tired Mumbaikar needs both the protein for recovery and the Vit D as a lot of Mumbaikars are actually deficient (specially the sobo residents) in this sunshine vitamin


Again a complete meal with veggies and cheese so rich in essential fats too.

Cheese has properties which allow the body to burn fat from the “stubborn areas”. The toasted and grilled version provide the mental satisfaction of “ghar ka khana” too

Dosa of all varieties

Perfect blend of amino acids thanks to the rice and urad dal combo. Most importantly good source of B12

Vit B12 promotes iron absorption. Low Iron and B12 levels are linked to weight gain and high cholesterol levels.

Nariyal pani

The worlds natural and safest “soft drink” rich in electrolytes

Drink it when you want to flaunt a flat stomach as it rids your body of its bloating

Sugar cane juice

Its alkaline in nature, hydrates the body and rich in minerals like iron and magnesium

Beats acidity, burping and farting. Offer it to your smelly colleague in office

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