Thursday, November 3, 2011

Food Chemicals Demystified

I don't know who wrote this - a person with name GW but there is truth to it. Read it out

My point is that someone can't blame the food industry's use of chemicals on all of our health woes. The individual needs to take some responsibility both for her diet/exercise and also understanding what she eats.

I wrote earlier that the food industry had done a horrible job managing the message. Your response is proof positive of this. Synthetic? What does that really mean? Do you know? It means that it wasn't naturally derived. Chemists found a more efficient way of creating the same chemical compound. But in the end it is the same chemical compound. Water is only two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom--nothing but chemicals. You can easily (actually you have to work hard at it) kill yourself by drinking too much water. Would you blame it on the chemicals? Probably not, but that would be the root cause.

Let me ask you this...have you ever balked at taking an aspirin because it's a synthetic chemical? Or what about a protein shake or recovery drink--chemicals there too. Ever have a beer? Think about all the chemical reactions that took place to generate the ethanol and create carbon dioxide.

I just want to reverse some of the ignorance about this subject. Because those that continue to selectively propagate false myths are doing more harm than good. 

Thanks for the link. I hadn't heard about The Hundred-Year Lie. I'll take a look. It looks a bit like sensational journalism but I like to read. 

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