Friday, February 10, 2012

Control - The step 1

Lately I haven't had control on myself and end up taking up foods that are not suppose to be part of my diet. So just to get back in control of my eating, I am going to make my diet very basic.

I know this diet will give me results for just one week. Hence I will do it for just one week. Its Yogurt Papaya diet which I got from book called Confession of serial dieter.

Diet is simple - Only 4 things allowed:

Early morning protein shake
Rest of the day - Coconut water, Papaya and Yogurt/Curd or anything in that combination.

One week to get myself in control. Its not healthy and hence won't do it more than a week. After I gain control on what I eat, I will move to something else. Remember this blog is about my research.

From next week - for a month - I will be adding cissus quadrangularis to my diet.

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