Friday, January 13, 2012

Stupid notions of Stupid BLOG

The reason I started this blog is completely opposite on where this blog is heading. I started this blog so that I could experiment with new ideas and report them back. However this blog has become a RECIPE blog of the late.

Thanks to blogger Shaheen of Purple Foodie, I have decided to create two separate sections. One that includes my experiments and another that includes my recipe. Only reason you guys are seeing so many recipes is because I am learning to cook.

Moreover I am going to change the way INDEX of the site is working. One section would consist of all the recipe where as other would include the ways you can improve your fitness.

I would like to add another section on this blog, where I review the food books I have been reading and suggest books that people can try.  Please do expect this blog to have heavy influence from Tim Ferriss (Author of best seller books 4 hour workweek and 4 hour body). He is launching his 3rd book 4 hour Cookbook. I am greatly motivated by his ideas and experiments.

Why not just follow Tim Ferriss? Why to read my blog? What if all the information is redundant?

Only difference between teaching of Tim Ferriss and me is rather a big one. I am a VEGAN.

What about Purple Foodie?
She isn't into fitness . She is just an awesome chef who loves cooking and doesn't give 2 dimes about vegetarian/veganism.

What about XYZ Blogger?
Please be kind enough to share the link of the blog, I would only be able to differentiate only after I get the information about XYZ.

What is VEGAN?
My definition of VEGAN is vegetarian food - (No eggs, No meat, No Sugar). However I have promised myself that I won't consume it more than once a week. That is more manageable that me taking a new year resolution of NO SUGAR.

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