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Summer guide for extreme weight loss

My results:

I lost about 26 kg (57 lbs) total and about 16 kg (35 lbs) from February 15. I also went from (28% body fat to Single digit body fat percentage) in just about 3 months. I achieved following with zero knowledge of ingredients in my food. I don’t know how to cook and I have to eat out all the time. To further etch my troubles I am a vegetarian (don’t eat eggs either).  This seriously created elongated search for food that I can consume that can provide me sufficient amount of controlled protein.

I didn’t work out at all for one and half month due to outside temperature being above 42 C (105 F). I didn’t have access to any air conditioning or even controlled bath temperature.  Due to lack of control on external temperature, I avoided workouts as they created skin tearing and excessive sweating that lead to dehydration. Workouts are meant to improve your fitness not decrease it. I would shower in whatever the temperature of water was.  I just showered late in night or early mornings so that I could shower in water temperature that I enjoyed.

Advice I took in account:

  1. Cut down gluten and dairy.
  2. Drink cold water only.
  3. Don’t eat anything white in color except cottage cheese that has high amount of casein.
  4. Take supplements
  5. Whey proteins shake as soon as you wake up.
  6.  No fruits
  7.  Cheat day on Sunday (there is zero limit to it)

My Experiments:
Cheat Day:
Earlier I found myself consuming too much liquid only calories on cheat days. I didn’t have enough energy to last throughout the week. So I decided to allow any sort of drinking calories on Saturday and eat solids on Sunday. After I lost enough weight, I experimented with idea of cheat weekends where I would binge throughout weekends. I personally found binging alternate weekends most fruitful.
1st week – Cheat day only on Sunday
2nd week – Saturday and Sunday
3rd week – Only Sunday
4th week – Saturday and Sunday
This has been most fruitful for me. Moreover, on 1st and 3rd week I would consume last meal on Saturday and 1st meal on Sunday were at least about 16 hours apart.  

Post - Workout:

I started working out with Beachbody Insanity DVD program after external temperature reached acceptable level. I have habit of working out earlier in the day that is before I go to office. Insanity is such a demanding program that you feel drained out in your office and you can’t give your 100% to work,

I started trying foods that provided me complete recovery after workout. I didn’t want to spend extra money on supplements. I wanted something that would fill my stomach. I always found myself extremely hungry after the workouts. I found sugarcane juice (mixed with mint and ginger) to be most promising post workout. I felt absolutely no tiredness after 30 minutes of consuming sugarcane juice.  I believe this is the best natural recovery drink

After sugarcane season was over, I wanted to find something that could provide me with same results. So far combination of Acai berry shot of 30 ml (mixed with pomegranate, blueberry and raspberry) and coconut water (with coconut cream), provided good results. It wasn’t as good as sugarcane though. I figured consuming a bite of jaggery along with it.  I feel completely invigorated after consuming these foods.

Temperature Moderation:
I didn’t have access to Air Conditioning in such high temperatures that I was forced to find alternatives that would provide me refreshing sleep. I figured putting my shawl in deep freezer through the day and bought an ice pack that was kept around my cushion. I was able to get very fine sleep with such setting.

DVD workout:

When you live in a small town/city, it can be very arduous task finding a quality fitness instructor who can provide you those results you desire. There are very few instructors who know how body works and even though they know how it works, they aren’t updated with latest techniques that can provide maximum results in shortest period of time. It can also cost a fortune to hire a good instructor who can give you what you desire. If you aren’t getting any noticeable result at all in first month, chances are you aren’t doing it right.

For you the best bet is DVD workouts which you can do at your home. There are thousands of DVD programs out there in market that promise you to give your day worth of workout. Different workouts suit different people according to personal dreams. Some people just want to be thin, while other desires to achieve something with their body. Some want to jump longer, run faster, look ripped or even do some serious body building.  Deep down core need is to look better than you looked month before.  Funny part about your fitness is you are growing older by month and not younger, yet you want to look better than before.

Choosing a good DVD program:

Select a program that gives you time table and schedule in which you will achieve results. There should be lot of variation in the workout where you can train every part of your body. It shouldn’t be just upper body or lower body. Workout should train all your weak spots. Moreover, there should be variation in the workout where you do different workout on different days. Workout should come with a nutrition guide that provides optimal nutrition for program with help of specialist who you can contact. You should be able to talk to Developer Company in case you have any question. Company should have specialist who can answer your queries. Possibly with someone having mastery in sports nutrition

Recap for requirement of good workout DVD:

·        Variation

·        Provide you time table in which you will see results.

·        Train every body part

·        Nutrition guide with contact person to ask queries

·        Message board where you can interact with people who are doing same program as you

·        Should be challenging enough that you feel out of your comfort zone

My personal favorites:
Beachbody Insanity
Beachbody Power 90 and P90x
Tara Stiles 6 week challenge with Toneitup free videos

Beachbody is consistently producing great workout DVDs and hence I signed up as a coach to avail discount on products. There is some business opportunity with them too if you are American citizen. I am not in USA and hence not interested in developing business there.

My supplements:

PAGG stack – Check out Tim Ferriss book 4 hour body for more details.

Creatine Monohyrdate – Consume only if you are doing intense workouts.
Whey Protein – Consume it first thing in the morning irrelevant of you working out or not.
For any other supplement information, just drop me a line, I will tell you about supplements as per your requirements. 

Tim Ferriss - 4 hour body
Tony Horton - Bring it
Beachbody P90x newsletter.

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